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Growth Of Culture

A Heart On Fire Inside Of Ice ft Sole

from by Duals

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What's a glacier to the sun?
What's a camera to a gun?
What's a tree to a pen?
What's a human to a screen?
All my life I've seen change
The deeper it gets, the more grim it seems
Time is not your ally, it's out to crush you
Nobody cares but those who benefit
Kill the liberal in your head, n then end that capitalist
Hidin in your heart, turnin us to dollar signs
Sizin us up, but we are bigger than life
Times are trife on the boulevard
Friends carried away in cuffs
Or was it college debt, No difference
Because mine is owned by fingered foods n sips at sea
But what good are your politics if you ain't got no empathy?
They drop jewels, we drop truce
To beat back collapsing arctic shelfs
They kill planets, and you feel sorry for yourself
That's a luxury, soon there will be few of those
And so it goes, or shall I say, off we went into the falling sky...
With little more than the clothes on our back
Before them, beyond naked our souls remain on ice
And nothing will be saved but the H2O as it escapes
And that's life...

Frankly caring kills hardened hearts
blankly staring at these ardent bars
Til all passion leaves me drained and scarred
still stuck in a frozen future framed from our start
May your child eyes re-emerge and your heart bloom
At fragile grace reaching greatness 'fore our own devices doom
Zoom past perspectives of a stolen history chained
Even through the eyes of the butcher, can't mask our pain
runnin man while burning, its nuffin to a beast like Caine
Glares into Able's eyes, as coldly leaves brother slain
now im outta hell 'n off the chains, the pain is insane, but I'm only a little deranged
its strange, i've felt every feeling humanly possible except for fear
I'm the brisky sort, whom Death is always near
Please, come hither dear
And touch my frozen heart, so it may be enflamed in tears
Sheer fire to an engulfed dead world, where consumption replaced human cheer
Digital machinery replaced empathy, smiles replaced by hardened steel
Laughter became a defense-mechanism for apathy, and everyone forgot how to feel...


from Kidnapped, released June 9, 2017
Poetry & Performance by Sole & Duals
Production by SherVeen Beats
Mixed by Joey Paradis & Duals
Mastered by Joey Paradis, Duals, Running Wolf



all rights reserved