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Some Wounds Heal, But The Soul Can Burn Timelessly

from by Duals

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Some wounds heal, but the soul can burn timelessly

Salutations, thou art harrowing human tornado twirling
Despite destroying everything that comes 'cross my path
I swear to heck I love you
Faire by neck this hectic witchcraft

I ain't nothin but a Mew in a bubble
Pink n petite, just tryna span this universe in time to ask “are you my mother?”
Well dueces to the mothership
I guess we're stranded on this Earth til Us children learn to get a grip

“Reach for the sky bullseye”
As these alien tongues lick your luscious lips
Oh all the blessed poignantly painful truths I've been allowed to utter only
for fractured pathetic semblance that it's all so deathly funny

I'm not who I am, I'm whoever I tell society to think I be
Ask Caitlyn Jenner
Runner thy luck empty, cut from the same claw as cats smashed into mirrors
Bleeding identical reflection stainlessly n toothless
Oh you thought I had time to waste thinkin bout you
Sorry, you must've missed this
Smooth Criminal wit Image clear n truthless
Best respect, my gangsta is ruthless
Good God bloodlet the soul
Or keep pretendin your mistakes make you whole
Can't really hinder another's growth
We trees reach for the sun 'til our branches touch us both

Go dope, what's that smoke, I stayed clear when your life went hazy
Try to blaze me, that's when I hit em with the okie doke
Well hokie poke me friend, watch the love disappear like a facebook trend
Mere blend, dear offend that little box you try to shape the world in
In peers we trust, down to our conscious end
So you can follow the required rigamarole or feel pleased that we are everything and everything in between
I've paid dues and past dues for the dreams I've seen
So excuse me if I don't seem impressed by the fancy golden dress or you showing your 12 year old ass out the side of your daddy's diaper
And you play with knives too? Yeah, cute
Hey I get it, I'm an entrepreneur not a babysitter boo
But your weak clings to depression are hardly taboo
The lie is beautiful, let's gather dreams into idolatry
But if you really want to see hell I've got the key
So take your stupid torn up wings off n come follow me


from Kidnapped, released June 9, 2017
Poetry & Performance by Duals
Production by Prime Suspect
Mixed & Master by Duals



all rights reserved