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Who Needs Roads When God Gave You Wings?

from by Duals

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my mama raised me to follow Christ, but my kidnappers dressed me in prada
i gave the world so much love, and it gave me nada
tried to play it straight get good grades n go to college, but was treated like nah fuckin peasant we aint hirin
wouldn't give me chance when i was starvin, n then they wonder why now im firin
at time had not one crime n for no reason cops on my back harrassin
now im pushin back cus right o wrong dont matta they dont stop testin
thing is only plugged in after i was outta options
but breakin Big's commandments, dippin in supply so stressin
but if you aint had to steal to eat you can't say shit how im livin
you've got the same old ideas meanderin thru the road you were paved in
us latchkey kids aint have one, but the ones we're creatin baby
talkin bout how we beneath you, but your mind's on us strangely
stay hatin on me, that bitterness will eat you alive baby
your jealousy only lights our shine, your mind stuck in hive baby
wonder why the trap blazin, cus “from the dust we rise” baby
in this life i've seen some incredible unbelievable things crazy
n you aint gotta love me, just know that i'm real
only livin for heaven, i do how i feel
I'm lovin the now n lookin forward to the future, wouldn't take nuffin back even a lil bit
bumpin Raz Simone, a real nigga neva quit, yeah that's some real nigga shit
always believe in self to manifest destiny, because believing this world is a cruel fate
but rather than examine what it takes to make a young thoroughbread nigga great
you'd just judge from a safe distance, yeah stay the fuck back
'Minority Reportin' so since guilty before innocent when black
in these streets we trappin back, aint sayin its right but im dumpin back
Young black n dont give a fuck on the attack
cus push anyone far enough they gon turn into a sav'
Make a way make a way make a way, we had none
Make a way make a way make a way, we had none
And I'm the only one strong nuff to have survived my story
that's how i know the path I've made is One of glory


from Kidnapped, released June 9, 2017
Poetry & Performance by Duals
Production by KiRyan
Mixed by Duals
Mastered by Duals and Running Wolf



all rights reserved