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Wonderlust For The WanderedFound

from by Duals

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Okay here we go
We have to learn to cross these waters
Is it in me, are we ready?
No such thing.

Some of these rocks are sharp I know
We can do it. This toughens our skin, the rocks up ahead are even more jagged
Watch the edge dear
It's okay hunny it was just an owl
We'll be for the better if we take this path.
Let it be darling.
What do you mean it's not fair that they have boots and we don't?
Joy comes from within, not measured by what our neighbors have or what you want
Darling don't you know our path is different
Darling don't you know the trials today make the tomorrow you
Today's challenge is why you're gifted
Quick quick give him a hand
Good job, way to help
It would have been nice if he offered us some of his water, but we'll find water up ahead don't worry.
We must help others not for a return, but because our paths are intertwined
You don't need to fake brave for me Love, just know we will make it
No rush no rush, everything in it's proper time now
Yesterday has nothing to do with Us, you can do it cus you're stronger now
Yes, we've been traveling for quite awhile now
Let us rest our little heads, take care to be prepared for tomorrow now

On this stage there will be no small acts, only small actors
Know your place, so you can reach it
Despite how little you are, you are more
No matter how great you are, you are no big deal
Feel the algae, feel the nature, we are energy
We are our own negativity and we are each other's positivity
We were built to withstand alone
We were built to prosper together
Just because we're not going somewhere doesn't mean we're going nowhere
I know where elsewhere is not the same as anywhere
Although we wander we have not lost our somewhere
Those who judge Us fear to wander and never wonder
We are wondrous for we fear, yet still push forward
Can you learn to love the snake that bit you?
Can you be bitten and learn to not bite others?
It is in our very nature for vengeance
Peaceful souls whom inherited a war so savage
We will not be slaves to history's repeating sentence
Can we nurture our nature for repentance?
Rise to a cure miraculous or divide ourselves by average
Struggle for hope or cling to the DNA we're tied to
Untie these chains, we choose to be born anew
A new born back to which we came
Baby we're born free born free born free
Choose your life, before someone does it for you

No matter our distance I will always see you
No matter our distance I will always touch you
No matter our distance I will always love you
Wander to wonder to wander to a fatigued dying question of wonder
That by the children's wishes does in fact not die and wanders on to a land that knows no end to wonder

No matter our distance I will always see you
No matter our distance I will always touch you
No matter our distance I will always love you
No matter our...


from Kidnapped, released June 9, 2017
Poetry & Performance by Duals
Production by Elbious
Mixed & Mastered by Duals



all rights reserved