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Sin Chronic City

by Duals

(AHHHHHHH) Kitty creep in wardrobe welcome to Sin Chronic city Itty globe within a globe Where even climate get gritty Lips be peel, eyes be seal welcome to Sin Chronic city creep it real, creep it real ugly never looked so pretty Formless voidly, voidful body Happy never gone so lucky Alice boundly, Lucy bloody Diamonds never bled so lovely Look inside eye, gem reflects sky wonder wandered lost n foundly Vision hazy, demons crave thee yonder yammers curse depravely Beloved n strangely, greets dereanged be tender smoke smellless n dreamy Yet dreams all see, doxology be So stoneface n sternly weepy Reaching lightly, glass of darkly abyss shadowed partly cloudy meatballs chancely, Hogwarts doubtly Story mage scry otherworldy Snatch out doubters, fire mercy alpha omega, otherworldly welcome to sin chronic city welcome to sin chronic city Other other wordly Sin Chronic City other other wordly Sin Chronic City City chronicly grinning Cheshire vanishly pretty Gritty crimespree sinning Thresher ghostly city fruitless trees in late autumn, twice dead, uprooted double edged sword, tongue of seven stars sharply fruited A light seen nor unseen, crystal sea cry softly heaven Frozen flame, a heart dare hold, open gem of gently perdition Where Lion opens seven seals, day n night creatures scream almighty you hear myriad upon myriad, listen closely cleansed by blood a cloak of white, son of 'Ham transformly bright Sin Chronic City where good Samaritan be damn Worthy is the lamb So I was talkin to this pothead n asked her if she had to light up all the time N she said, well how else am I gonna get my photosynthesis?
B**** there might be
Flip your hair like you flip ya hip Whipcream stripped by flavoured whip Balloon bar wit laughs, gas we sip You can grab dem tits, but ya betta tip Large stakes of life, throw in ya chips All nailed in cross, now crack dem whips Dip down pole slip, while gnaw on nip Hold close ya freak, n lip ya grip No thought to care I'll obey baby Love me wrong I'm your slave baby No thought to care I'll obey baby Love me wrong I'm your slave baby coloured hair n underwear beware men all named rick, wit so much flare dildo dancefloor wit plastic glare corner copshades lost in stony stare trannies, panties, druggies galore whores, rabbittails, kittyears be hair here seeds free antichrist let leer out sight, out thought, sin city cheer No thought to care I'll obey baby Love me wrong I'm your slave baby No thought to care I'll obey baby Love me wrong I'm your slave baby Sip fast, tap ass bubble butt bounce, when trebled bass Troubled lass wit' gadgets n mask crass jokes allude to so much class Goodie goods bore, so in hell we bask basket case surmount such arduous task Adore place last, so first we pass Sass Death thy wed, our souls She has No thought to care I'll obey baby Love me wrong I'm your slave baby No thought to care I'll obey baby Love me wrong I'm your slave baby
Oh, Blessings in disguise I see it in your eyes whoo let loose let loose whoo let loose let loose let go, dance it away let go, just dance it all away love Ahh now dance them ills out type o mood Hey ma, do tell you a whore or prude No need to get rude, just bust o move Just hit the dancefloor no need to act all cool Sway hips, cut rug, n act a fool Hold the grip, smut smug, do what ya do Oh my, look there, is that your caboose Set glass down, its time to get real loose Let's go, bump grind, no time to think Sink in deep in, let out the beast Bad day, me too, hearts ooze the ink dip down, down low, yeah time to feast Whole style revolves 'round “look im a freak” My drinks like you, real real real neat Cud whisper in ear nothing sweet Life cares, we don't, just funk to this beat Blessings in disguise I see it in your eyes Blessings in disguise I see it in your eyes Blessings in disguise I see it in your eyes Blessings in disguise I see it in your eyes Oh babe, crossed fiery oceans to make it here Make tonight your night, you've really earnt it dear Starry eyed bright, like Lucy lucid clear No more fight, just a tug-o-war o' fear Chronicly synched tight, like you drive I steer Its not right, your might n beauty uncompared You're so right, body shapely like a pear We outta sight, they all see we're a perfect pair Look up look left (both) Blessings in da skies (crowd) Look up look right Blessings in da skies Look up look left Blessings in da skies Look up look right Blessings in da skies Now rewind this track to the start We gonna show our human imperfections and call it art
(whispers* do you see these colours) Up right under my town where the vibe be chillin, let the time just past by ey...eyy...eyyy...eyyyy (Duals growling) Come out the cave, come out the cave to play they on the way, they ready to prey ey True, try not to overdo We gotta get paid, I'm afraid I can't waste my time Gotta stay on the grind, to focus mine (These) colours that I see Speak as chemistry Rainbow shines blindly Glows got a 'hold o' me Emotion surrounds me, imprisoned synysthesia prism o life's lost tree, schism o' amnesia formed story o Light, unseen by most creatures fourth cone defined third eye, seen as features each coloured energy, speaks as chemistry felt as rainbow, whoms glow beholds thee blinding blight be, closin in rapidly Grace be colour as imaginary, doth please save me! Okay, but jammed like them jelly, wait wait, got stuck in that peanut jammed like them jelly, wait wait, got stuck in that peanut jammed like them jelly, wait wait, got stuck in that peanut jammed like them jelly, wait wait, got stuck in that peanut Colours I see Speak as chemistry Rainbows will shine blindly Glows got a 'hold o' me Red, read write read wread Red-orange orangatan onomotopoeia, opposite yellow yippee yellin yarn Great granduer grass-o-green Books bringin bubblelicious bewilderment brightly by-eeee indigo, well in we go - abyss non-coloured painted ardently across metaled minds surreptitiously scry across divine, devoid voidful vibrating vibrancy couloured contingency craving supernumerary colours bound by more than rainbows, reigned from imaginary Tetrachromacy Colours I see Speak as chemistry Rainbows will shine blindly Glows got a 'hold o' me Colours I see Speak as chemistry Rainbows will shine blindly Glows got a 'hold o' me
They are very complex, you have to decipher them. Think sage homeless people with Faith like that of little children so as to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
Pick it up now... It's time to get silly so send it Signed it wit emoji so you know I meant it Don't really know you but yah yah friend it Relationships make like element n bend it Air, water, fire, earth, n we got spirit live your love your life or just cheerlead it this beats from the heart so you really cant beat it if thats a weakness then you know I need it That's hot valley girl like tips on diet organically bitch, like why did Brittney go quiet? Speare's Taylor Swift quotes like off we shake it I like say like a lot so like, like it Midsummer like approach, oh so clever But I really don't care, totally whatever whatever you can do, I can do better LGBTQ human allies forever we synching up like synchronicities forever see we call them God winks showin you pastures of light like yah yah yah ey Synchronicities From the deep deep not distant silence you hear whispers like oh so vibrant Shattering mind fragments human violence a nuclear explosion is very silent when everyone's too dead to hear it So Siesta wit the Sun n dance wit the moon (Sailor) Fly to Japan when Sakura season full bloom We are more alike then we are the same (twinsies) They say can't all be special, you're all the same (carebearcarebear) If they don't think you're special, they don't know what special is If someone tells you how to be you knock in their shizz Love me hate me, my ugly still beauty bliss Who knew God had such beautiful messy fingerprints Mint condition these here spare parts ma'am peers posin for fame on the gram but with or without you are I who I am Though I'd rather we build we stronger fam we need tad bit more than green eggs n ham Un, I think He so King she so Queen, nah aint noone sovereign 'less they my spouse America president talk big to elephant like mouse Is that a donkey joke did you show your ass Fake oh so civil, like so much class Lord guard me from all my enemies nah Lord please, give Love to all my enemies Give inspiration to children to inspire elders Here is how thy mission felt sir To spread so much Love that this world has to change... then peacefully fade out of memory of existence... my subtle idea of perfection...
From the deep desire to be a saint to the crippling need to be a sinner, I am torn by the blood of my ancestors. Plagued by a past-self I am projecting into the future...Whilest all the universe encircles inside my mind it shatters as 'Each and every One of Us.' But I know a part cannot fill its' own whole...Although, appendages to attach are wounded by an overwhelming tempest. It overflows all around Us. It is here where thy frozen flame shivers down my spine and along arms n legs in a sudden shuddering frisson of your whispers. And the smell of your exhaust is patterned by the texture of my fingers – To where the mirror only reflects you & You are Love, you beautiful freak. So, I freak out and run ancient galaxies away from your picture. And your scripture is but not a thousand words, just One Word rooted in my heart and head. Yet, a hidden heart can bear no fruit, (so) sew your seeds stem my growth outward. Where thus, Our Family Tree reaps by the Light we've overcome. Until your outerspace becometh my innerspace, our Love is never done. Until my innerspace becometh your innerspace, we are never One. ...Oneness overreaching bounded or somehow in the inner linking of ourselves through souls...For what we do now echoes out through eternity; like the slow fade of love...For Love is infinite and thus triumphed over death...Interwoven through a painful struggle and re-unstrangled out the other side by glory & grace...oh mercy face to face with this trying faith we overcome this tragic suffering... Perfect reflection, reflect me perfectly You are my perflexion Perfect reflection, reflect me perfectly You are my perflexion ...As I sit watching you dig into yourself deeper n deeper still trying to fix what you may not like 'bout you; all the wonder not wondering how I've loved and always will love those beautifully painful parts about you, inside of you so let go and allow you...As Love heals you 'til it becomes you...And Love is All Of even when you can't, know I will always Love you; because Love is All You Are until I Become You...And you become I; ever entangled in the end... Perfect reflection, reflect me perfectly You are my perflexion Perfect reflection, reflect me perfectly You are my perflexion
Can soften hardened heart before darkened? How hard is life most dearly hearted Two as One when Light does spark in not sappy love, leave for departed two worlds apart, reach partly parted alone n lost, that's how we started no love song here, home truly arc-end precious rarest angelic arted Do you mend my scars, our body anew Can we take it too far, nobody a clue Stuck in this play wit my boo We make pretend or is true I get so lost inside of you I forgot myself, but you always knew I defend your honour from Mars I flew Hold thy evening star, Venus brightest blue I'd rather go back to non-existence if it ain't true I gave all I have to build this home with you We need nothing else, I'll create it with you Stuck in this screenplay wit my boo We make pretend or is it true I can't figure, I'm too dense I forget all my lines when I look at you Makes sense Home. I finally found you! These thoughts n prayers I send to you That our fiery passion burns so true Always is my heart with you For Home is what I found in you are you catchin what my dog is fetchin are you feelin what my kitty scratchin well jump out in that action n make it happen Cap'N jump into that action n make it awesome, blossom jump in... We make pretend or is it true I forget all my lines when I look at you Makes sense Home. I finally found you! Makes sense Home. I finally found you!
From the birds to the clouds The bees to the rose From the silence to the loud To the emperor's new clothes Everything that I've lost Is everything I own Everything that I strive everything that I hold Move like water, young old Bruce Lee Future's past like, new black white movie nah fools gold rabbit, life aint all gucci if Trix for kids, why you try play me so if dear offend thee, then please eat this imagery if lifes just a game, why noone save thee I flowed wit the river until the flow became me Now I don't chase miracles, I let them flow thru me and if you didn't see my spirit, I bet you underrated me sick o battlin wit this dual-mentality, I made it out so fast life is behind me PTSD PTSD PTSD You don't know me PTSD PTSD PTSD You don't know me I aint a first glance rapper, I aint a Chance rapper but I wear that 3 like God soul's trapper where's the love, actor? Treatin me like a gross episode of fear factor I'm sick n I need it Yea let dem feigns feel it nowadays a smile's just a mask for a grimace but what's a crutch to a pheonix? Take thy passion n then burn it Til the whole world melts in Yah yah And if you don't suffer from that PTSD we were never really that close, die slow homey see you in hell, I'll be in the purple chair where you're feeding me locusts PTSD PTSD PTSD You don't know me PTSD PTSD PTSD You don't know me The mystery makes us practically immortal Curiosity that killed the cat dear mortal From where are we coming To where are we going Gonna get to the bottom of these eternal questions So when your wings failed to open when you leaped off that edge here There was nothing there Oooh that's a long fall get up n dust it off rise like a boss then just flip that sauce ooh Duals knock it off Counting losses as a blessing and blessings as a loss Flirting wit the tilting of that cross... PTSD PTSD You don't you don't... PTSD PTSD Get the fuck away from me...
I paint with colours boy oughta be some kind of photographer Writer somethin' Someone's baby tellin stories Before and we's Record the scenes in memory Scores and breeze many frequencies Eye was raised up to listen Graphite inscription Flowing through positions Big step Landed smooth Ok cool look at you Doing better and giving thanks Throwing tricks not pulling pranks Entering new strides Level up and do it right Blessed with hindsight An aligned light All systems go Foot on the sun Throw kick it over them heads Real ones make the catch Titan with the ratchet Light 'em up matches There on a mattress Where who knows what and everything happened Grounded in a sound bath Back to the dirt Laughing said I feel that fam Good use of a stack planned well and made it back then What you want me to say? Lose sight of right now and talk about all my pain? Lame. Into a perfect lane change Cruising I. The I-numerals across country Speakers bumping it's beautiful Books and bread Turn some heads Weave the threads of reality by being Soul free enough to see that I can just be me Dutiful to these dreams amidst the tapestries and painted on the sky How'd you get home man I was really high But I think that I can fly Heard,"why you walking then?" "Cuz they'd try to shoot me down and you and I are talking friend" Red feather hawk squawk in eagle claw Salmon meal raw Kumate Halcyon thoughts then my future brought me here I faced fear Now I'm in the clear Gathered with my peers Bass drops in our shots cheers Smoothe soothe seer I'll be fine dear universe thanks dude Just keep going till none of them out rank you Life will kill you bet the bank its true So what you gon do? Young ones with strong ideals Rising to the occasion Presented with opportunity for elevation Pick up a pencil Map out a painting It's life getting acquainted with you (Cruising On*) I'm flashin all my fangz, I'm showin all my scars Let your head fuckin bang, N show em who you are Gimme I needa that music (yah) So I can fuckin rip it (raw) Make em squeal n squeal (dead) til oinker fuckin peeled (cop) Gimme your badge your shield (brah) Cus justice never filled (nah) Cus I aint fuckin righteous (patnah) So dont tempt me sweet gorgeous (flaw) They say I'm a lil insane (huh) Sometin infected (in) my brain (yah ^_^) When it should quack it goes moo (quack) I haiya on haiku (hah) Then hadouken like Ryu (blah) Power o' light beamin blue (Youuuuu) I freak it n its true (Yah) Give ya ass red-marked spank (ow) Keep it rollin like US tank (blou) We're comin in the fray (ayyyyy) CaveManBones and BakuSei (heyyyyyy) Water be our flow (whooosh) But fire be our go (awwww) Slash it center down divine (shwaaa) Prime chimp to pimp swine (heheh) Butterfly free our minds (flew) Enemy pricked porcupine (shoo) I would love to forgive (eyeforeye) But I can't silence mind (blind) I'm a sinner oh I'm a sinner (God) My outer is your inner (yah) Our Love is never done (Hah) Oh we will overcome (Yah) Oh we will overcome I'm flashin all my fangz, I'm showin all my scars Let your head fuckin bang, N show em who you are
Where ammmm I??? Whaaats happening? (This is Life) Why is life??? (You are my child) Who am IIII (I know who you, I've always known you. Come to me...) (YOU ARE NOT A PLAN EVERYTHING IS IN PLAN YOU ARE A MISTAKE GOD MAKES NO MISTAKES) Engraved upon flesh be Yetzer Hara Rippin out, bloody n frail On inside mother's womb, Baby braille A silent scream, a whispered yell By what could have been, unborn trails Smoke spirit like embalming fluid Body catch fire, dear darling druid Truth offends, don't state (in) public stupid I know truth hurts, I've been nailed to it The vortex imprinted upon the texture of my soul You Just aim to please, I'd rather get high off my disease They say fruit fall not far from tree Father's still in prison, wonder if too he's detoxing Don't hug or kiss me, just miss me If that's my wrist, you know you can slit free Silent drift leafs or leave in ditch, better yet, forget me And if you're still in question of where I stand It's beside the murders, thieves, and whores wwjd Forever feelin fatally Frida Kahlo I edited the 'Death of the Mother' into a dreamscape And I shall have not a drop of glory, for all glory belong to He, and thus mine lay with His So drip drip drip, life bless children of the Dead... And I will never judge nor compliment your weaknesses, I will love them instead now dive downside up head first into confines of own head come n live inside my mind yeah real prison time Nothing left to fate, I paved my own way I did evil things...for evil men... So when I was raised from dead, call it God's plan And I don't know what I want But I know that I want it persecute me persecute me persecute me for speaking what I believe what's it mean to be free? persecute me persecute me persecute me for speaking what I believe what's it mean to be free? a message to the children at the gates of hell I am a black ragged square on a bloodred background I can teach you how to sever the heart n leave no trace. The art of being ghost. time is money so, how much you payin me to slit your throat, cus bitch, I gotta go So mirror mirrored thy own Maleficent Taste this breath of malevolence with a subtle silent glow that gleams so heaven sent anxious anxiety do me in freshness depressive divin in A wound cannot heal apart from it's own body my heart is an empty shell, but I can fill it to where it used to be one eye teary teary I still remember when I slit my own throat simply cus I thought it funny Hunny won't you hold my past against me if I paint it to you nice n bloody teehee sss so slyther to my stone Mr Potter N offer a Weasly manger to Miss Granger she was destroyin me wit compliments My heart whispered thank you dear, in ease When my mind just wanted to wanted to scream Fuckin kill me please! And you can't commit the unforgiveable sin but I can why can't I feel fear, Aint no savin me I'm barely holdin on, clingin to your garment dear Stupid guinea pig spoutin, it's in the name of science! Drowning in one's own insides probably ain't Emerson's definition of self-reliance the shapiro delay is creating so much dark matter in between the space-time continuum that entire new universes are being created............. what the fuck is a conscience my frontal lobe is fully fried looked a cartel in his eye said look look, look a cartel in his eye LA LA LA LA LA what the fuck is the law Kitty kept face in bowl Pyrex Never ungrip by mighty claw Let the spirit speak I ain't gotta flex Bloody face cus log saw rough Bluff base snugged free like sty I was busy starin at my Lucy in the sky You could tell was rare by diamond in thy eye I'm who these kids who think they're dead inside envy Gigantically grandiose grates grandeur of being a priest when the whole world's my alter boy chokin on my grand load don't grab em by the pussy, grab em by the psyche Is that frightening? Look into my eye see does darkness enlighten thee Fly clear, oh my me, dear, fear beware wary glare, danger near Others stay clear Where we draw closer friendly mortal peer I'm not obsessed wit death I'm just very faithful to our marriage Santa muerte hold me tight How you talkin revolution when you've never even been punched in the face Who gave you the right to hold a mic when I step in da place Cus I've got 99 problems n a fake rapper aint one if all you rap about is rap then fuck outta here I ripped thru the abyss just to put some flava in ya ear See I've lived many lives N I've died many times So if I ain't livin right Then Shut up n stone me then So those your plaques? Gimme dat You're bitch? I'm hittin dat So BO BO BO, as I show you who's da biggest Cat “You can't comprehend, the danger you in?” Ye Violent crimes is what world is promisin No chill now, don't slow down, no givin in Not of this world so what is sin? Since Immaculate conception Bore our DNA, got first got last inside my DNA The fight n war inside my DNA Time unstrangled n strangled grasp inside my DNA Flesh n spirit wrestle circles inside my DNA Everything n all between interwoven in my dream I had a dream Earth was as heaven, n I don't know what my dream mean Oh mystery, oh mystery, please carry me ))) There is no greater freedom than being loved by you There is no greater freedom than being owned by you There is no greater freedom than serving you so hold your heart up, you preciously vulnerable unstuffed puff of fragile wiccan spirit I promise I'll do whatever to protect it I promise I'll do whatever to strengthen it I promise I'll do anything to not break it I promise... the greatest pain isn't losing a loved one, but watching them suffering knowing you can't do anything to stop it endlessly was the lifelessness in your face when my heart stopped n the docs told you they didn't know if they could bring me back to you when I risen again a screaming grin that I can end me to end your sufferin Of watching your eldest son suffering all life stripped from your spirit ghostly undead mother all my words for you sunk back down into that abyss God pulled me outta outta tries, outta thought, outta emotions outta spirit, outta singular grain o dust of humanity left so know even with these demons scratchin n grabbin at my neck n back to drag me back down again when you see me in the sky my wings have not even the smell o smoke on me I run towards the fire cus what's a fire to the Light? Cloak of holy armour bright now How I stuggle to stand on shaky wobbling legs, Always one misstep away from relapse Where dreams collapse From deepest chasms of thy darkest abyss I chased death to end of her alternate universe n back again howd she escape me? She caught me cheatin wit her cousin sleep n enwrapped me in paralysis in her mind Heart enthralled within this crime? unnn life leaves me empty, all I want is for everyone to stay away from me Why won't anyone stay close enough to love me? Yeah I know I'm impossible, I know I'm impossible I'm so fuckin impossible I probably won't survive, but it's possible And I don't know what I want I just know that I want it persecute me persecute me persecute me for speaking what I believe what's it mean to be free? persecute me persecute me persecute me for speaking what I believe what's it mean to be free?...
Whoever loves his life will lose it, but whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life Please not allow sake of hate in our experience Let Us rest in Love, forever We are not of this world, so then why do we submit to this world? Living in a head inside an undead rainforest where we go to let love die Light and liquid are overrated when they comes to swords like peace Have we ever known a word so full of disease We stuff it on the insides, oh how calmly Bonaparte Part of us be disillusioned, other part tied to every ancestors heart How does an empath ever stand a chance, better run n and hide away stay away this pain you pray, but you are only human dear dearly prey There is no greater curse than peace, weight of war waged at ease Peachy keen freedom willed to let mighty mercy cease Touch me scene slow legion demon loving agony Saddens me wit tears understanding all of me Home is where the heart is, thank Goddess for it's all broken pieces Fought tooth n nail till broken pieces broke into more broken pieces They say greater falls prepares for greater rise Sojourn journey dear eternity Look into my eyes, tell me can you see, Serenityyyyy Look into my eyes, tell me can you see, Serenityyyyy (Serenityyyyyyyyy) (Everyone just trying to escape, trying to escape) (Everyone just trying to escape, trying to escape) Will I believe my own lies or die a happy death?, (a happy death) Breath of grace, closer still, Serenity Now hope that is seen is not hope, for who hopes for what they see? This hope of serenity, how we overcome oh so patiently Here on top mt. Zion faith protects you from that stumbling rock A suffering too deep for words, alone n far away from flock Have you ever had a friend, who was so inundated with pain all they could feel was their own death incessantly dying ceaselessly Or are you that friend... Have you ever loved someone enough to kill them if you had to Or are you that friend... Dear heirs of the Spirit May we suffer with Him, in order that we may too be glorified with Him For the mind set on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace For the mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to God, for it does not submit to God's law So when they chop your hand off n turn their back Let the Love grow n hold it out one mo' 'gain in fact When the pressure overwhelms so, that even diamond do crack When they stone you, let thy mercy grace them in tact Practice humility, cus righteousness comes not from Us, it comes from Love When fall under low, you're simultaneous resting up above Bless every emotion that make thee human Being that you may find empathy the best gift to bless those who've wronged you For how can One act against Love if they feel the same suffer they cursed upon you We have two choices, to act within Love or to act without Love And Love has a myriad of counterfeits Do not be fooled, there is no evil-love, only self-gratification So patience in trials n tribulation, rejoice in hope brings victorious Serenity is to surrender to what is glorious Breath of grace, closer still, Serenity


In the midst of the chaos, Duals the Black Lion of Judah roars back on the scene to cry colours of order fractaling out to fragments in infinite finiteness...If you love ethereal fantasy blended into realistic otherworldliness, you're gonna love this one!

“Sin Chronic City” is a play on words of Synchronicity which illuminates God winking at us in between man's blinking and opening our minds and hearts to thinking on His plan in both the brightest and darkest of times. This album soundscapes a parallel world where the proverbial Lamb is not recognized as slaughtered and the chaos that ensues when losing step to that Way. This album takes a detailed look at the uglyness of life and paints the beauty of how God is still directing our Way through such.


released June 7, 2020

Artist, Storyline, Comic Book, Lyrics, Assistant Producer - Duals
Producer, Director, Concept Provider, Engineer - Joey Paradis
Soulmate, Additional Rapping, Emotion - Angel
Feature Artist - Nate Schrier aka CaveManBones
Feature Artist - Step Back J
Feature Singer - Mary McBurnie
Feature Singer - Annali Carmel
Feature Producer - KLAE Beats


all rights reserved



Duals New York, New York

Never Influenced...Always Inspired...Spread Love...∞ ❤

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